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3x Vanities to metro Sydney

Greetings! I felt that we should kick off this blog with some insight into an interstate order that we shipped recently. Ben, a builder from the metro Sydney area, ordered 3x vanities from us and we had to ship these vanities to him as soon as we had all the ordered items in stock. The first image (above) shows the 3 vanities loaded on to the freight truck, after being neatly packaged and wrapped by Peter at our warehouse. The second image shows how we package the marble top and the vanity cabinet separately, only because the marble top is quite heavy and you would not want the weight of the marble top resting on the vanity cabinet as the freight truck makes the journey from our warehouse to the destination. Perhaps in a future blog post we can delve into how the marble top and vanity cabinet are each packed in their crates, and how we place polystyrene blocks/sheets around the product to absorb shock loads and protect all surfaces from transit/friction damage. Peter, who does all the packaging for freight orders, is highly experienced after years of packing our orders that travel long distances... to QLD and WA, and regional VIC and NSW as well.

The crate for the marble top is screwed down on to the pallet so that there is no risk of the crates sliding off the pallet, and the cabinet crate is attached to the marble top crate after which the whole assembly is braced with vertical and/or diagonal timber straps. This ensures that the pallet and the crates are structurally robust, with minimal flex and the load of each crate is effectively supported and distributed to prevent localised failures in the packaging.

All our shipments will get unloaded at the destination with a tail gate truck, and the driver will use a pallet jack to unload the pallets off the truck to a reasonable location on the customer's property.

Some stats from Ben's order:

Order placed: 1st September 2022

All ordered items in stock: 15th September

Shipment picked up from our warehouse: 20th September

Shipment delivered: 21st September

Thanks Ben for your order and we hope to see pictures of the installed vanities on our Instagram page soon.

- Vincent